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CoMotion '24

CoMotion is the largest student-led motion graphics conferences in the world. Motion Media Design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design participate in a two-day event to engage and learn from top industry professionals.

In a tight period of 3 months, the CoMotion branding team of about 40 students, developed a design language alongside a title sequence to inagurate the event. The multidisciplinary team of creatives, under the direction of Muskaan Sethi and Kyle Switzer,  crafted and delivered content for use across social media, web, print and more.

As part of the design team, my role consisted on creating 3 shots for the title sequence.

Shot 10 - A :


Shot 10 - B :


Shot 10 - C :


Design Process :


Animation for Instagram Grid :


Creative direction: Muskaan Sethi, Kyle Switzer
Production: Punasa Sihsobhon, Sophia D’Alleva
Design lead: Tiffany Teddy
Design team: Haze Nguyen, Chaoran Xu, Phyllis Zhao, Xinxun, Liao, Cynthia Soe, Sarah Wellman
Animation lead: Isabelle Kalyn
Animation team: Xinyue Gu, Jiaru Yang, Linxuan Wang, Sean Shelton, Valentina Gil Duque, Tzu Kai Lin, Lauren Neu, J.C Petrofsky, Qi Qi,  Phirada Kanjanangkulpunt, Davis Hardy
Graphic Design lead: Reem Hinedi
Graphic Design team: Claire Lin, lessia Piccoliori, Aatreyi Singh, Gauthier Bossuyt, Charlotte Beck, Emily Strycharz
Web development: Chi Quach, Amadeus Cameron
Experiential: Hannah Ford, Gabriel Medina, Eliezer Garcia Gazaui, Jinkyu Kang
Sound design: Seth Marques
Copy: Bri Shufford

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