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Countdown - Title Sequence

- solo project -

1920 x 1080 / 1'07'' 
Role: Direction / Design / Animation


  • Title sequence design based on the movie Countdown, The story tells about the protagonist's childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. However, as she grows up, she faces academic pressure and incomprehension from her mother, and she almost gives up her dream. But In a unique experience, she meets a 2D version of herself, who guides her on a journey through the universe. This encounter reignites her determination, leading her to ultimately achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut. 

  • In the creation of this project, my goal is to delve deeper into the protagonist's psychological journey. Initially, her primary struggle arises from her mother's distrust and the fear of upcoming exams. However, after overcoming various academic challenges, she finally finds inner peace, solidifies her initial goal, and ultimately achieves her dream.




未命名作品 3 拷贝.JPG
shuibowen 2.JPG
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