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SXSW - Storyboard Design

SXSW is the abbreviation of South by Southwest held in 1987. At the beginning of March every year, Austin, Texas will usher in a ten-day series of film, interactive, and music festivals and conventions. Every year, it attracted many orchestras to participate in performances. There is a big stage where many musicians aspire to show off their accumulated musical talents for a long time. Movies from all over the world are expected to collide with the audience. 

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, SXSW festival and conference will be held online. This will be a new experience. So for the concept, I want to highlight are technology and music. After logging into the website, computers will pull the visitor into the world of SXSW. planning in there will have a sense of future and cyberpunk. I expected that audiences could experience technology, enjoy music, and have fun here.


未命名作品 22.jpg
未命名作品 23.jpg
未命名作品 24.jpg
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